In His Words ...

"No one thinks the man is affected at all.  He's not pregnant.  He doesn't undergo the procedure.  He's physically whole and never even has to meet the abortionist.  No one thinks he feels any pain at all... except any other man who's been through it.  Personally, I didn't think I needed the help.  I thought I'd already dealt with it as well as I was going to.  I thought that I was at peace with it.  These kind people helped me find and deal with pain I didn't know I still carried.  Regrets and grief were finally allowed to surface, where I could acknowledge and deal with them.  The old wound was able to heal after all these years."

“After struggling alone for years with the guilt, shame and remorse of my involvement with my girlfriend’s decision to abort our child, I finally found a ministry that recognized my need to get help.”

"Carrying the label of 'the bad guy' and being the one who made this terrible thing happen had always made me think that I shouldn't be allowed to feel the pain I'd been experiencing.  Realizing that the mistakes I made didn't forever label me as 'the bad guy' nor force me to feel guilty for being sad, was one of the most healing experiences I've ever had.... The things I did were wrong, but not matter how awful I might have been... I've learned 'the bad guy' is allowed grace and healing too."

“I am a practicing Catholic and had been to confession. I knew that God had forgiven me but I was never able to forgive myself. During the retreat I finally found the faith and courage that I needed to trust in Jesus and through his Divine Mercy truly know and believe in the forgiveness that I had been given.”

“As a Man this is something we don't talk about, even with our closest friends. For years I privately carried the guilt, shame and regret over the loss of my child. Attending the retreat allowed me to finally open up and share with others that have been down the same road. Through this I was able to open my heart to receiving God's forgiveness.”