Christ came for all... “No one who comes to Me will I ever reject.” - John 6:37 


Project Joseph is a life-changing opportunity for men who struggle with the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion. This one-day retreat is a unique and effective process designed specifically to help men experience the mercy and compassion of God.

Reclaim your fatherhood lost through abortion. 
Come on a Project Joseph retreat:

Day of Healing: August 11, 2019

(Retiro en español:  24 de noviembre, 2019)

Are you suffering from the pain of a past abortion?
  • Did you feel like you had no choice?
  • Did you think it was your best or only option?
  • Did you feel helpless?
  • Are you still haunted by grief or guilt?
  • Has the anger never left you?
  • Do you feel you should be punished for the loss of your child?

  • Are you unable to talk about the experience?
  • Are your relationships suffering?

There are other men who feel just like you do and suffer in silence. 

Suffer no more.  There is hope and healing.

For confidential assistance, contact 469-416-2101 or  

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